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An adventure, sailing and cruising throughout the world with Laura, Dick and Ellie.
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It’s 9:30 and I’m on another night shift. I am feeling ok, I took over an hour and a half ago. A boat went by the Starboard side 45 minutes ago. I had to be on my toes, I never saw it on the radar or the AIS. It is gone now, and it was good to give me a perspective on everything.

It is a beautiful clear night, lots of stars. It is a new moon, so not seeing La Luna at all tonight. The winds are calm, so we are motoring, we are on our way to Cabo. Our speed is 7-8 knots with the help of the reliable Pacific swell. We expect to reach Cabo tomorrow afternoon. The weather is so much warmer! Yea!

We arrived in Turtle Bay on Sunday afternoon and anchored behind Aloha, in the main anchorage near the village. We never got off the boat but connected with Mike and Leilani over the radio. They were surprised we arrived so soon, (I think we motor faster than others!). It was a calm night and we slept well. The wind started to blow in the morning, so we moved over to the South side of the bay. It was much calmer there and it was nice anchoring. We were in between some fish traps, but other than that it worked out well.

After our third night we decided to take off around noon. The wind was supposed to pick up during the day (as a storm was blowing in. What were we thinking?) We had a lovely afternoon sail. I was thoroughly enjoying it, as I could see the storm approaching from the North. Dick came up and immediately reefed the main, but left the genoa up and then tried to gybe it. That did not go so well, it got back winded and the boat was heeling over! We eventually got the genoa, rolled up. The rain lasted 30 minutes and then the wind waves were picking up and we were rocking and rolling. Not fun!

Our original plan was to sail overnight down to Bahia Santa Maria, but as the evening wore on Dick decided to go and anchor in Bahia Asuncion. That sounded great as I had wanted to stop here (the other times we had gone by). However, it was a dark and scary night with the wind and the waves, going around Punta San Rouque. It was hard to see, so Dick was steering with the chart plotter and radar. He did a great job and got us in safely. When we arrived, we were greeted by a pod of feeding fluorescent small seals. It was really cool!!!

We decided to stay in Bahia Asuncion for another night, it was a fairly calm day in the anchorage, but we could see the wind and the swell out on the ocean. Aloha arrived in the afternoon and had a really tough day. We both decided to leave the next day and head to Abreojos. Well, we had a crazy afternoon, as the wind and waves picked up as we approached Punta Abreojos. We ended up having a windy and rolly night. We left early the next morning for another overnight sail. We were thrilled when the anchor was down the following afternoon in Bahia Santa Maria.

We really enjoyed Bahia Santa Maria, we spend 3 nights there. We finally got together with Leilani and Mike in person! We had dinner on Aloha, Coffee on Maia & Leilani and I had a wonderful afternoon one day, when we swam into the beach and talked & talked & talked. (So good for the soul!) Dick and I had to make a tough decision, whether to motorsail down to Cabo, or stay another night and sail in 25-30 knot winds with increased swell and wind waves. We decided to motor and had a good overnight trip.

A beautiful calm morning in Bahia de Tortuga. Then the wind started to blow.

Dicks new toy!

Gorgeous sunset in Turtle Bay.

Living the Dream!

Nice evening on Aloha. Greet to finally meet, Leilani and Mike in person.


Another beautiful sunset on the Great North Pacific.

Fun sailing!

It is a beautiful morning and the sun is trying to shine through some light clouds. I took over at 0800 as we were coming up on Isla Cedros. I made an awesome breakfast, a “Jocko special” with veggies, black beans, tortillas and eggs. I noticed a flock of birds off the end of Cedros (generally a sign for open your eyes, whales are nearby!) I was drinking my tea and then I saw a spout. Woohoo, we have whales nearby. I am treated to a show. One of the whales breaches high out the water a couple times!!! Thank you, MoNa, what a wonderful site! This is why, I am doing this!!!! Seeing the natural beauty of the world out here on the Great Northern Pacific Ocean. We will be anchoring in Turtle Bay later today. Yea! We expect to have a couple day layover.

La Ballena! Whale!!!

It feels good to finally be out on the great Pacific sailing south (as we had been “threatening” to leave San Diego since the beginning of December). It also feels sad (we do not know when we will be returning). Currently, we are South of Ensenada on our way to Isla San Benito and/or Bahia Tortuga. We left Ensenada, Baja Naval around noon yesterday and motored up to Marina Coral for fuel. Once we headed out we got hit with wind and waves! Awesome for Sailing, not so awesome for a weak stomach. However, I was only feeling a little queasy. I took some homeopathic Sea Sickness medicine and put on my acu-pressure wrist bands. Because fuel is such a rip-off in Turtle Bay, we were hoping to sail and that is what we are doing!

I am on my second night shift and I’m struggling a bit being out here. I was feeling so yukky yesterday, all I could do last night was listen to Podcasts. (Which was ok as they were all Oprah and were inspirational.) My mixed-up feelings are back; why am I doing this? I am not enjoying myself now, but aren’t I supposed to be? Aren’t we living the dream?! For the last 30 some hours we have been rocking and rolling. I’m still not feeling 100% because of the Sea state. Will I be able to spend 3 weeks going down to the South Pacific?

Oh yea-we do not have Ellie with us anymore. I know it is best, but I really do miss my little girlie!

We have been having amazing N/NE winds, so we have mostly been sailing Wing & Wing. The weather has been cloudy last night and most of today. With the cloudy weather, we plugged in the new generator and put some charge into the batteries. Glad to see it works!!! When I started my shift, I could see beautiful stars up above, but closer to the sea, there were clouds all around and now the clouds have spread higher, so I can’t see much of anything. I think this journal writing is working! I am feeling better already!!!

I am excited about the thought of traveling around the world, it is just the overnight thing is super hard for me. Leaving and always being on the move is also hard, but it is an amazing journey we are on!

When we left Ensenada, we noticed another boat behind us. We received a call on the radio and it was Aloha, Mike and Leilani! We have talked on the radio a few more times and last night I could see them tacking back and forth and I could see their lights as they passed in front of us. Now I can see them on the AIS, they are closer to the Coast about 26 miles away.

Woohoo, 18 knots of wind! We are sailing!!!

Dick making us go faster!

It looks cold and stormy. It was mostly windy, it doesn’t rain much down here in Mexico.

Sailing wing & wing!

Ellie at her new home with her bud Sawyer!

It’s been 4 days since we left the USA behind! We left San Diego harbor early morning on December 31 heading to Ensenada! It was bittersweet, excited to be heading South, but sad to be leaving family, friends and the US behind. Our current plan is to continue further South this Spring after spending some time in Baja & Mainland Mexico.

We motored to Ensenada as the winds and sea were nominal. It was nice to have an uneventful trip with little swell and arriving 8-1/2 hours after leaving SD. As it was a holiday, we waited to check into Mexico until Tuesday. Our New Year’s Eve was quiet, and I did my best to stay awake and welcome in the New Year, (East Coast time). I was sleeping sound soon thereafter.

Dick contacted friend, Patrick Oleda, who lives in the “wine county” above Ensenada to let him know we were once again in town. Around noon on New Year’s Day he picked us up and brought us up to his humble ranch for the afternoon. We got to check out his new abode and spend some time with his lovely wife, Adriana and daughter Linda (who’s birthday was the next day!) Adriana was busy making carrot cake and cupcakes for mañana’s fiesta. We were treated to a lovely meal of fresh bonito, Patrick had caught earlier in the day with guacamole and other accompaniments. We were home early, for a quiet evening aboard.

January 2 we checked into Mexico. Our marina, Baja Naval prepared the paperwork for checking in and checking out of Ensenada. We strolled down the familiar walkway, shops and streets to de Puerta Capitian and the Aduano (customs office). We began at Immigration and were given a form to fill out and sign, then we paid our fee and were given back our passports with our zarpas and pointed in the direction of the port captain, the next counter over. Paperwork is handed over the counter and we wait for it to be returned.

While waiting we met Leilani and Mike from s/v Aloha who are checking in also (with a guide from their marina, Cruiseport.) They are finished first and we say our goodbyes. Soon our paperwork is handed back over the counter and we are told we are done. As we went through this process last year, we feel that we are missing a step. We decide to buy our fishing licenses on our way back to the marina office. We also stop at the local Starbucks to see how it is in Mexico. We had been told it was different, but it seemed the same to us. Lots of people in the store on the internet, and they had my Emperors Cloud tea!

Upon checking back in at Marina Naval office, we are told that yes, we will need to go back in the afternoon and pick up our departure papers from the Port Captains office. So glad we had just been here six months prior. We also met up with Isa & Thomas from s/v Jade Akka, we had a nice dinner in town and also got a tour of their amazing ship!

Heading out on our journey South! Mexico here we come

A calm morning in San Diego harbor

Leaving San Diego harbor

Leaving San Diego, Point Loma in the distance!

Goofing around

Arriving in Mexico, putting up the Courtesy flag.

Arriving in Ensenada

Wohoo, we are in Ensenada, Mexico! (December 31, 2017. at 1825)

Patrick’s new house in the wine country above Ensenada!!

Working on the Blog! Cool image by Dick Peek

with Tom and Isa from s/v Jade Akka

On November 6 we moved back to the dock at Seaforth Marina. We were heading to Denver / Boulder for an early Thanksgiving with Sister Claris, niece Mellie & Mike. Trevor and Macie drove over from Salt Lake. We had a great weekend also celebrating Danny Coronelli’s 60th birthday!

For the next 6 weeks we prepared for our departure from the US, heading to Mexico and beyond. As we are not sure when we will be back, we spent time on boat projects, stocking the boat and trying to make sure we are all set for the journey South. (We had some fun too.. celebrating my birthday, enjoying the holidays & we even had a Bon Voyage Party!)

We met Thomas and Isa on s/v Jade Akka on our way out of Mission Bay and met up with them again in the A9 anchorage. Meeting new people is a fun part of this journey!

One of the hardest things we had to do was say goodbye to our Ellie girl who is retiring in sunny San Diego. At 13 she got an offer from cousins, Jocko and Sue to come stay with them in their super dog friendly household. When we drove away she hung on the front steps, happy to be staying on land. We miss her terribly, but know it is the best thing for all.

Our new dingy, chaps & all! Thank you Craigslist.

Enjoying Dog beach in Ocean Beach

Hike in Boulder, with Danny Coronelli, sister Claris, Macie & Trevor.

Claris, Macie & Trevor

Woohoo! New LED light. One more project completed.

Sunset in Mission Bay

Our liferaft

My new uke.

So fun to have Viola, Gloria & Martha visit!

Our first bike ride on our new Dahon bikes!

Good girlie, Ellie

Christmas tree decorating selfie

Oliver P admiring the motorcycle.

Grandnephew Oli on is 1st birthday and my XX birthday!

Oliver and his birthday twin, great Aunt Laura

Hazel, grandma Jean & me

Oliver & Laura’s birthday!

Family photo

Ellie peering over the edge.
Where did you guys go?

Dick heading up the mast to attach the new radio antenna

Dinner with Jane and Greg Fox

Dinner with Jane & Greg Fox. Fun time!

Ellie girlie, you are missed!

Ellie jumped quickly out the of the dingy for her last time.

Ellie saying goodbye to MAIA. She looks happy!

Ellie and her new family. Cousin Rudy, with Ma & Pa. (Sue & Jocko)

Ellie with her new P’s; Jocko and Sue

Ellie at her new home!

Oliver, Ryan, Erin, Nikko and baby Fin.

Selfie at our Bon Voyage party!

Laura with Arturo and Joaquin. Say cheese!

Casey and Rosa

Bren, Jed, Jamie, Angela, Anna and Esa

Oliver and Grandpa

Anna, Leah, Ned, Erin & Ryan

Isa and Lele with Tia Angela

Beautiful nieces, Anna and Erin

Looks like they are all having fun!

Uncle Dick and Joaquin. Yes, the Peek curls.

The Aray children

Sunrise in San Diego, view from our bedroom window

Little man, Oliver!

The city lights of San Diego

La Luna in San Diego bay

Anna sporting her new jacket. Thanks Uncle Dick!

Onesies for Oliver’s baby brother!

Cousins, Joaquin and Oliver

Isa & Lele with Santa

What a cutie!

Fun ride to Shelter Island

The Seth Peek family, with Karen and Cosmos

Christmas morning with the John Peek family

Oliver opening presents with Mom, Erin.
Oliver and Mama

The Aray fam

Uncle Dick!

Sunset at San Elijo, with Peek family behind us

Isa, Lele & Jimmy

Niece Anna, nephew Ryan & Grand-nephew Oliver

Sister Leah & me

Sisters Wig & Maude

Brothers Peek- Bob, Dick & Ned

Oliver and Lala

Check out the smile on Oliver

Oliver, Papa & Grandpa

Mama & Gordo

Lele enjoying the fire

Awesome campfire at San Elijo state beach

Isa with her eye mask

Isa and Mimi

Laura and niece, Teddy

Laura and sister, Wig

Dick and nephew JT

Finally, on October 25, the winds died enough so we were able to leave Channel Islands and make our way to Marina del Rey! Did I mention that it was really hot the last week? We had a quick day visit with Trevor on Thursday. Sister Jean, nephews Nikki and Teddy Dale came and met us for dinner. Fun family time. Then Jean, whisked Trevor away to his friend Riley’s in LA.

Friday, we headed to Catalina Island for the weekend for some fun with friends. We anchored in White’s Cove for the first night and enjoyed cocktails with Hans & Dianne from Hurricane Gulch Yacht club. On Saturday we moved over to Cherry Cove and spent the next couple days with Hugo and Laurie. Hugo let us know that brothers Tom and Bob were coming to San Pedro for one night on the 31st. So back to San Pedro we went!  (Thanks Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club!) So fun to see Tom & Bob, (thanks brother John and nephew Jed for dropping them off!)

On our way back to San Diego, we spent a night at anchor in Newport Beach. (It was a very nice small anchorage. We never got off the boat, it was hard to figure out where to go.) We had a beautiful sail back down to Dana Point and arrived back in Quivira Basin (Mission Bay) on November 4.

Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club, wonderful hosts! Channel Islands Harbor

Out for a paddle in Channel Islands Harbor!


Stopped for a swim, it was hot! Near Marina del Rey

Trevor comes to visit for a day!

We had a fun bike ride to Venice. (Trevor stayed with Ellie!)

Cousins; Trevor, Teddy & Nikki

Laura with Trevor and nephews, Teddy & Nikki

Family photo, sisters Laura & Jean with Trevor, Nikki & Teddy

Catalina Island with Hugo and Lori

MAIA with All’s Well Tio

La Luna

Visit from brothers Bob & Tom on their way back from Mexico surf trip!

Beautiful La Luna!

Flying the spindrifter. Such a pretty sail!

The Haul-out went well at Ventura Harbor Boatyard, we spent 5 days out of the water. We installed a new through-hull, sea strainer on the engine intake and the new depth and speed gauge. Dick also did a quick sand and re-painted the bottom.

Living in the boat “on the hard” is not our favorite thing, but we are glad we can do it. When your boat is your home, it is nice that we can stay on it. Ellie was freaked out about the steep stairs, but then adapted by the end. It is nice that bathrooms are close by.

We spent a night on each side of the haul-out at Ventura Isle Marina. It is one of my favorite marinas. It is in a great area, the Ocean is across the street, they have a laundry room, the staff is awesome, bathrooms are nice and there are lots of stores and restaurants nearby. It was such a pleasant surprise to see Justine and John, from s/v Rhythm who we met up in British Columbia summer of 2016!

On the 17th we sailed south to Channel Islands Harbor to spend a day or two. We had winds up to 20 knots. Our plan was to head to Catalina Island for the weekend. We left on the 19th and then turned around because a Santa Ana was predicted. The next day we had winds with 40 knot gusts! The boat was tied up on both sides to the dock and we were still rocking and rolling!

MAIA is out of the water at the Ventura boatyard. We have a few projects to do.

Installing the new depth and speed gauge.

Dick repainting the bottom.

MAIA back in the water! Another successful haulout!

(Notes from October 6) We are back out on the Great Pacific, sailing MAIA north! I arrived back in San Diego on Tuesday evening from Chicago. It was a wonderful trip to Chi Town and Camp Echo. Great to connect with friends & fam. Wednesday morning I returned the Jeep to Ryan & Erin. So fun to see them all, Oliver just keeps growing!

We are on our way to San Pedro (near LA). It feels great to be back on the water. We are joining Hurricane Gulch Yacht Club and are attending a dinner meeting tonight. We left San Diego on Wednesday and had a beautiful sail to Oceanside. We turned on the engine about an hour or so before arriving, since we had made evening plans with Jocko, Sue, Ed & Kathi. We really like Oceanside Yacht Club, it is very laid back, it has an easy dock approach and facilities are nice. We received a great greeting from Joe, he helped us tie up to the dock (which was needed as the wind was blowing us off & I was driving. Still needing lots of practice in the docking department!)

Yesterday, Thursday, we sailed to Dana Point and anchored for the night. We had a full 6 or so hours of sailing in beautiful Southern Cal weather. As wind was on the nose, we had to tack a few times. Dana Point anchorage is quaint. You are at a corner of the Harbor that has breakwater on one side, Oceanography center on another. Next is a semi-circular moon shaped beach, then sailing center, a channel to part of the harbor and next the Dana Point Yacht Club. We had a beautiful full moon rise, eating dinner in the cockpit with the moonlight streaming down the channel. The reflection was bright and shimmering. When I went to bed I could see it through the V berth hatch and then this morning it was shining thru the port hatch. If you didn’t know already, I love la Luna!

Today is another beautiful day. First thing this morning, I pumped up the dingy and rowed Ellie into shore. The temperature was perfect, and we went for a short walk around the center, before coming home to a scrumptious breakfast that Dick cooked. The Orange County Sheriff’s boat made sure their presence was known as they idled nearby for a brief time.

We headed out of the harbor amongst many standup paddle boards, a couple kayaks, and a motor boat or two. Heading back out on the Pacific at 0900, the wind was a little fickle. Blowing around 5-10 knots, we tried to sail, but ended up motoring for a while. At one point we saw smoke out of the exhaust. Dick checked it out and found a bunch of liquid in the motor bilge and saw a stripe of oil on the front of the motor. Very concerning! We contacted a couple friends in LA and got referrals for diesel mechanics. We kept a close eye on the engine but appeared to have no more problems.

About 1400 the wind picked up and we were able to sail the rest of the way to the harbor. As the wind picked up, more and more we reefed the main and then the jib. The wind continued into the Harbor entrance (Hurricane Gulch). So exciting that we get to do some sailing!!!

(Notes from October 8) We headed out of Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club dock in San Pedro about 1020 and are heading to Marina del Rey, Pacific Mariners Yacht Club. All day we have had a beautiful sail with the wind at our stern, (ESE). Wind speed has been about 10 knots, our speed about 4-5 knots. Earlier we were bouncing around quite a bit with the swell and the jumble of waves. I mentioned to Dick that I prefer sailing into the wind! However, we are currently sailing wing and wing and MAIA is cruising along beautifully!

On Friday, we arrived at CBYC just before 1700. It was hot, hot, hot & still. Quite a difference from our 15-20 knots of wind we had been sailing in. CBYC is a beautiful club, easy to sign in and receive keycards. I took a refreshing shower after checking in, while Dick finished the boat chores. I finished up a few things & fed Ellie while Dick showered. We were due for dinner at Hurricane Gulch Yacht Club at 1800.

We were greeted by friendly people, enjoyed a nice dinner by Chef Raymond and were inducted into the club. Feeling a little guilty as we will not be around to enjoy most of the club activities. In two weeks there is a club trip to White’s Landing, on Catalina. We are hoping to join in on the Club cruise. Mexican train dominoes is on the schedule for Saturday afternoon!

(Notes from October 10) We have had an amazing morning, so far. (It is 1020). We left the Pacific Mariner’s Yacht Club a little bit after 0800. We will be arriving in Ventura this afternoon. Getting in and out of the PMYC guest dock is a little tricky. Very narrow fairway with dingy’s sticking out along the way. Anyhow, I backed us out without incident! A woman on “Bliss” cheered me on from the stern of her boat. It felt really good! Thanks to Dick for the few commands of which way to turn the wheel. Still learning!

Last night we had a lovely evening with Ryan, Lissa, Hazel & Oliver Dale. We met them at the Chart House, which is across the street from the club. So fun to connect with them all. It was Oli’s 10 month birthday yesterday! Haze was wondering if we had seen dolphins & whales. This morning we saw our first pod of Dolphin’s all summer. Thanks Mom for bringing them to us, so I could send video to Lissa! Hopefully, we can get them out on a boat ride before our departure in December.

Hazel also loved my bronze Fairy that we had living in the bookshelves. I gave it to her. She was thinking that they should buy a “pretty plant at Trader Joe’s” for her to live in! A beautiful “fogbow” graced our presence this morning. We are currently motoring, looking forward to the wind picking up so we can sail again! It is about an 8-hour journey to Ventura.

First stop in Oceanside, with Kathi & Ed Johnson.

In Dana Point, a wonderful anchorage!

Sailing past a tanker near LA!

That’s our Ellie dog!

Awesome evening with
Ryan, Lissa, Haze & Oli aboard MAIA in Marina del Rey.

The Dale family!

Look who we got to hold (for a minute)! Oli is saying I see my Mom right over there!

Summertime for us was reconnecting with friends and family! We enjoyed Peek family time in San Diego and had a fun visit from brother Trey and Jan from Chicago. Really great to have Trey out sailing with us to help us tune up a few things on MAIA.

We took a month road trip, spending a week with the Peek’s at “Lairamor” in Lake Almanor, (Northern Cal). Next stop Park City, Utah for a week to see family and friends. Then we headed back West stopping in Wala Wala, Yakima, Bellingham, Seattle, Sammamish, (Washington); Portland and Bandon, (Oregon); Capay and Atascadero (California), then back to San Diego. We had a great time on the trip, a highlight was seeing the Solar Eclipse (with Dee and David Lee)!

Once we arrived back in San Diego we spent time on boat projects. (I also spent time with grandnephew Oliver. We have an awesome trade going, they lend us a car and I help tend 1 year old Oliver. It is a win, win for all of us!). In September we took a trip back to Chi-Town, and I went up to Michigan to my old stomping grounds, Camp Echo. We had a really fun trip seeing old friends, attending a Cubs game, going sailing…..

Enjoy the picture show.

Leah’s birthday!

Happy Birthday, sister Leah!

Down at La Jolla Cove with sister’s Mary Maude and Wig!

Beautiful walk in La Jolla, with the Cove and the Shores in the background.

Wow, beautiful sunset in La Jolla.

From Mom & Pop Peek’s rose bush.

A baby seagull!

Breakfast with cousins! Dave, Nancy, Jocko and Sue. Also, brother John, sister’s Maude and Wig.

Family time with Maude, John, Uncle Joe & Dick.

Cousins Wig & Carol

Brother and Sister!

Beautiful ladies! Leah and daughters, Anna & Angela hanging poolside!

Anna & Joaquin, soooo cute!

Selfie after a beautiful afternoon sail with brother Trey and brother-in-law John.

Out sailing with brother Trey!

Awesome breakfast aboard MAIA with Laurie, Tom, Devin, David, Kylie and Joey.

Cute couple, David and Devin Peek.

Another favorite photo. Lori Adamski-Peek, Ellie and I had a wonderful evening walk!

Wow, look no selfie! Thanks brother Trey for taking our picture.

Sister-in-law Jan Ritter playing skipper.

Selfie photo while we were out for a day sail with Jan & Trey Ritter

Fourth of July celebration with Oliver & Isa.

Beautiful La Luna

Visiting my old work place, A16. Lots of great memories!

Relaxing on Deck.

MAIA in San Diego Bay

The Road trip begins! Very HAPPY Dog!!! Yea, I get to go for a car ride.

Fun night on board with Rick and Mary.

Quick visit with Hazel, Oliver and nephew Ryan Dale (& Lissa)!

Selfie wit Oliver and Lissa Dale! Oliver is like whaaaat?

Such a happy boy, my grand-nephew Oliver (Dale).

ROAD trip!!!

Peek family gathering at Maude & John Blackard’s in Lake Almanor, California

Lazer sailing on Lake Almanor. This was the CALM day. Swimming to cool off.

In South Lake Tahoe, with Jerry and Jane McNaboe from s/v Aeolian. Fun to have a night to catch up and see their beautiful home.

Beautiful La Luna!

Hiking on the McCloud Creek Trail with friends, Susan & Julie!

Dinner on Sue’s deck with Viola & Martha.

Fun evening at Sundance with Angela, Dan & Samantha.

On our way back West! We stayed in Walla Walla, Washington with Jolie & Scott. The perfect 1 day drive from Park City.

Quick visit with Lisa on our way through Yakima!!

Fun night in Bellingham, Wa with Bob & Claudia. Yea, we are back on the Coast!

Our sweet little Ellie girl, still enjoying the ride!

Fun dinner in Shilshole Marina with Suzette and Paul on s/v Altair.

Hanging out with friends Elise & Tom in Seattle.

Another fun hike with Elise Trester and Tom Blackwood.

Check out the waterfall behind us! With Elise Trester.

What an amazing experience watching the Solar Eclipse in Portland! (with Dee and David Lee)

Eclipse photo through binoculars. Photo credit, Dick Peek.

The light kept changing. It looks really bright right now.

Enjoying the Solar Eclipse.

Next stop at Kevin and Gina Stenberg from s/v Raven. So great to connect in Portland.

Picnic on the beach in Bandon, Oregon with my Aunt Claris and Uncle Charlie Clapp.

The coast is beautiful in Bandon. with Aunt Clari

Circles in the Sand, mostly gone with the tide.

Visiting Maude and John in Capay, Ca. Look at what they grew!

Our last night of the road trip, with Seth and Karen Peek.

Woohoo! Back home aboard MAIA. Ellie even looks happy about it!

Labor Day party in Mission Bay, with Peter Johnson, Carol and friends!

Another beautiful moon and Mission Bay! Out for a dingy ride.

Full moon rise (along the San Diego skyline)

We are at the A9 anchorage in San Diego. The other bright light is an airplane coming in for a landing. It is a great anchorage, just a little loud with the runway right there.

This was really beautiful, as it got darker the lights of the City came on.

The black dog, laying in the sun on deck!

We headed out for a day sail! (Brother’s John, Dick and Ned)

Ned and Leah, enjoying the afternoon sail!

Another fun day sail with Cousins Jocko & Sue Feehan!

an Ellie close-up, what do you think?

Dick getting ready to head up the mast! (thanks Jimmy for the vest)

There he is!!!

Our last trip of the summer was to Chicago. We even got to go to a Cubs Game with the Sullivan and Ritter families! (with Ruth, Jane, Mollie, Jan, Trey, Brian, Ray & Kyle)

View of Chicago from the sky.

Friends since 7th grade! Ruth and Laura!!!

Driving around Fox Lake with Tommy Coronelli.

Party at Ruth and Ray’s in Glenview.

Fun to go out for a sail in Chicago!

Chicago’s famous Navy Pier!

I want to Wake up in the Morning at Dear old Camp Echo!!! (with Stephanie Meyer)

Sitting on the Dinning Hall steps with Mollie and Ruth Sullivan.

Camp Echo work weekend with Mollie, Ruth, Katie, Molly, Laura & Stephanie

Ritter Girls! (with niece Evelyn)

We had another wonderful time in San Jose. Spoiled again by Pete Johnson, fun to spend time with him, brother Ed & John Edwards. We also prepared MAIA for the trip North, back to the USA!

We had an eight-day trip up the Coast, we moto-sailed the whole way. Our first morning after leaving Cabo was a little bumpy near Cabo Falso, (which was to be expected, but not always happy about). We stopped in 2 anchorages on the way, Bahia Santa Maria and Bahia de Tortuga. We had lots of afternoon wind which also means the waves picked up!!! On one of the toughest afternoons, we throttled down and tucked behind the point and into Bahia Asunción until things calmed down.

It felt great to dock at Baja Naval and get off the boat! On Sunday we were treated to lunch at Patrick’s ranch in San Antonio de las Mina’s with Adriana and Linda. Monday, we did our paperwork for leaving the Country. On Tuesday we arrived BACK in the USA!

Recognize the rocks? We are leaving San Jose del Cabo, heading North to San Diego!

Yep, there is the Cabo arch. We are leaving the East coast of Baja.

Wow! This makes the journey really special.

Back in Ensenada. We made the journey Northward. The “Bash” was not so bad. We motor-sailed up the coast and were able to tuck behind a few points of land when the wind started blowing hard in the afternoons.

Pat’s grape’s.

See the yellow ladybug!

Group selfie with Patrick, Adrianna & Linda at their beautiful ranch up in the hills from Ensenada!

Fun to see light and fountain show in Ensenada. MAIA is docked nearby.

Sailing back to San Diego!

San Diego ahead!!!

US Border patrol came to visit us as we crossed into the US. It appears they pay attention to who is coming and going!


Checking back in with US Customs and Border patrol. They were super nice and polite. Wanted to make sure we were not bringing in any vegetables and fresh meat.

We’re back after a 3 month tour of Baja!

Fullish moon in Mission Bay!